Careline provides accurate, steady, reliable and secure Medical Transcription Services to physicians, laboratories, hospitals, clinics and all other healthcare units.

Careline & Co. is a client-focused medical transcription company. Our knowledge and expertise comes from years of experience. We provide medical professionals with fast, accurate and reliable medical transcriptions. We are committed to providing exceptional service to clinics and hospitals across the United States and Canada.

Together with experienced professional staff, quick turnaround time, complete data and document security to high accuracy levels. We provide our clients a complete package that no other can, because we don't compromise on healthcare. 

Careline is fully equipped to fulfill the transcription needs of single departments, multiple departments, or entire Healthcare organizations.

Our pricing is based on the factors such as volume, turnaround time, types of dictation chosen, specialty requirements and document management flow system requirements. Call our company directly at + 92 21 34834831-3. Send us your queries using our Contact

Why Choose Careline?

There are many reasons why doctors choose The Medical Transcription Company;

  • Quality
  • Cost
  • Service
  • Turnaround
  • Security and Confidentiality
  • Reliability


Our Medical Transcription Quality

Doctors throughout North America choose The Medical Transcription Company for a variety of reasons; we like to think the main reason is our quality. We have been transcribing for several years and our experience shows.

All our transcriptionists have a minimum of 3 months in-house training to ensure they meet our high standards. Continuous training and monitoring are part of our daily process and we continue to invest in training and technology on an ongoing basis.

Transcripts completed by our transcriptionists go to our Quality Control Department where they are checked again word by word against the original dictation by a senior transcriptionist known as an editor. This ensures the highest possible quality output.

The Medical Transcription Company also makes extensive use of lexicons, dictionaries, directories and other lists and references built up over many years.

Our Medical Transcription Cost

We provide clinics and practices throughout America with a highly cost effective medical transcription service.

We believe our price per line is very cost effective for the high service level we provide. There are of course some companies who may initially offer lower per line charges but these should be compared closely.

Our Medical Transcription Service

Unlike in-house staff or home workers, we are available 24/7. You do not have to worry about your transcriptionist not being available, having a sick day or going on vacation. We have invested heavily, not only in transcription training, but also in IT structures and doctor support services.

If a doctor raises a question or needs to make a change at any time, our in-house system has the capability to track the status of all current and previous transcripts. This ensures speedy and accurate responses to any question or changes our doctors would like to make.

Use of individual doctor templates within our system means that any doctor-specific requirement can be applied on an individual basis whether this is formatting, reporting or any related issue.

Our flexibility and responsiveness are demonstrated daily at all levels, providing each doctor with personal service.

Our Medical Transcription Turnaround

We now provide all our doctors with same day turnaround as standard.

We are transcribing constantly throughout the day so that our doctors always receive their reports and letters in the fastest possible timeframe.

There is no waiting around the following day to receive our reports.

Our Security and Confidentiality

We take security and confidentiality very seriously.

Transmission of your voice files is via our own secure medical servers using the latest 128bit SSL Encryption.

We have made the process as straightforward as possible by handling all security measures at server level so that you can connect securely with ease and peace of mind eliminating problems and concerns of older more complicated encryption processes.

As well as data security, we also take client confidentiality very seriously.
We do not publish lists of our clients which we feel gives our doctors additional peace of mind.

Our Reliability

As a company we have an enviable reputation of reliability. We have been transcribing for several years and have ambitious expansion plans for the future. We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - just for you.