The role of the Chief Finance Officer, as well as controllers and other finance executives has changed drastically with the constant effort companies are employing, seeking to align company objectives with finances. Aside from fulfilling the tasks expected of CFO’s, controllers and finance executives, they are also being expected to contribute to the enhancement of the company, by driving down costs while improving efficiency.

By outsourcing certain finance and accounting functions your company can gain the necessary room for innovation that you need in order to cut on costs, while improving internal controls, and thus driving a transformation of your finance and accounting operations.

Careline is ready, willing and able to assist you in performing finance and accounting services
which include:

  • General Accounting and Book
  • keepingAccounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable


Our highly trained and professional finance and accounting analysts are able to deliver meaningful results by utilizing the latest technologies, innovative business controls, and our proprietary framework to deliver meaningful results to our clients. As an ISO Quality Management System and Information Security Management System certified company we ensure that your data is always secure, and in accordance with the latest regulations.

You realize a range of benefits by outsourcing your finance and accounting outsourcing needs with Careline. We understand that your requirements are unique, and we work with you to ensure our solutions achieve your business objectives.

Should you desire more information about our accounting outsourcing services, call us at 34834831 or inquire through our contact form.